• Name: Anne Moore
  • Role: Head of Research Management
  • Contact:

Anne carried out her PhD in Signal Processing at the University of Edinburgh. She then moved into industry working initially as a systems engineer and subsequently as a programme manager for large multi-national defence research contracts.

Anne then had what she describes as an early on-set mid-life crisis and decided to do a second PhD, this time in molecular plant science. After a brief spell as a post-doctoral researcher she was appointed as the Project Manager on the Proteus project, where as well as co-ordinating the research groups she established and maintained the management and quality management structures and processes. She is now the Head of Research Management in the THT Group, using her extensive research and development experience in both Industry and Academia to deliver high value Translational Healthcare research projects.

When she’s not working Anne divides her time equally between running and trying to perfect the ultimate chocolate brownie recipe.