World-leading pandemic science

Following genetic clues to effective therapies.

About us

We use human genomics and experimental medicine to rapidly find and test effective drugs

We are bold in ambition to transform the speed of therapeutic innovation. We bring disciplines together to solve the hardest challenges: we will use functional genomics to identify effective therapeutic targets, evaluate therapies with high precision using miniturized technologies that will go further and deeper into human lung to find, deliver, sense and see the effects of therapies at the bedside.


Targets identified

We have the momentum and drive to maintain a positive culture

Our culture promotes leadership from everyone to achieve the core aims of the programme. We foster a open, inclusive environment in which everyone has freedom to follow their ideas, no-one is afraid to take risks, mistakes are expected and we are willing to try, and therefore to fail. These are our guiding values:


Think big, span multiple scientific and clinical disciplines and act collegiately and collaboratively to encourage valuable contribution. BG PSH is built on openness and honesty. Expect mutual sharing, trust and integrity.

Empowering People

Enabling empowerment and inclusivity, supporting a caring and respectful working environment in which a willingness to learn is rewarded with an opportunity to thrive.