• Name: Annya Bruce
  • Role: Project Manager
  • Contact:

After completing her PhD in Molecular Neuroscience in 2012, Dr Annya Bruce worked as a Clinical Research Assistant in the Department of Psychiatry, University of Edinburgh and managed the local recruitment and assessments of patients enrolled in interventional and non-interventional clinical studies. She then moved to the ACCORD office in the University of Edinburgh where she worked closely with clinical investigators in the design, set up and management of phase I-IV clinical trials.

She is currently a Project Manager and is responsible for the management and delivery of impact driven translational research grants which focus on developing new ways to detect and diagnose lung infection, cancer and scarring. This role involves the overall management of the award finances, milestones, timelines, staff, administration and IP portfolio. In her spare time, she enjoys cycling, meeting friends, DIY home projects (she’s on her second home renovation!) and going to the swings with her little one.