• Name: Asta Valanciute
  • Role: Research Fellow
  • Contact:

Asta completed her PhD in the lab of Professor Djillali Sahali (University of Val-de-Marne, Creteil, France). Here, her research focused on NF-kB signalling and immunopathology mechanisms in Minimal change nephrotic syndrome, a renal disorder effecting children.
Asta’s current research aims to understand cellular stress and also to develop organoid models to investigate the effects of inflammation and infection on lung epithelial cells and specifically to address the following key questions:
How do viruses or bacteria induce pro-inflammatory responses in human lung organoids in vitro? How do viruses or bacteria trigger immune responses in human lung organoids? Can we identify specific pathways and drugs to modulate an immune crosstalk to reduce pro-inflammatory response and cell death in human airway organoids? Outside of work Asta enjoys painting, photography, making silver jewellery, reading, cooking, gardening, flower arranging, knitting, hiking, visiting museums and art exhibitions, travel, and volunteering.