• Name: Jean Antonelli
  • Role: Clinical Project Manager
  • Contact:

At university Jean initially studied biology, after which she began studying adult nursing. As a nurse, Jean has worked in acute medicine and critical care. She has also worked as a Clinical Research Nurse and Critical Care Research Nurse with the Edinburgh Clinical Research Facility (working alongside the Edinburgh Critical Care Research Group – ECCRG). In 2012 Jean moved to Edinburgh Clinical Trials Unit (ECTU) to take up the post of Study Manager and Follow-Up Co-ordinator, continuing to work with the ECCRG, as well as multi-centre Clinical Trial of an Investigative Medical Product across various clinical areas including Crohn’s Disease and Renal Transplantation. She joined the team on Sept 2020 as a Clinical Project Manager. The team was involved in several Covid-19 research studies which she has assisted with, both in terms of project management and clinically. In her spare time, Jean enjoys Pilates and weighted hula-hooping as fun ways to exercise. To relax she crochets, knits and sews and is currently trying to master the art of calligraphy.