• Name: Keith Finlayson
  • Role: Director of Industrial Partnerships
  • Contact:

Keith is currently the Director of Industrial Partnerships and has considerable experience in industrial and translational collaboration and commercialisation. In his previous role, he was the Head of the Business Development team in Edinburgh Innovations, leading a pan-university team for over 10 years, with a personal focus on drug discovery and transformative bio-medical technologies.

Before this, Keith worked in industry for almost 20 years, including working with the Japanese Pharmaceutical company, Astellas, where he lead a team focussed on Alzheimer’s disease and neuro-degeneration/inflammation, covering bench to bedside activities from establishing in vitro high-throughput screens to conducting complex in vivo cognitive behavioural pharmacology. Prior to that he worked with GSK, focussing primarily on the role of inflammatory cells in lung disease including asthma.