• Name: Paul Fineran
  • Role: Healthcare Technology Portfolio Project and Development Manager
  • Contact:

Paul carried out his PhD in Pharmacology at the University of Oxford. Following his PhD, Paul helped to establish and run an Oxford-based biotech focused on developing therapies, predicated on small-molecule modulation of lysosomal function, for a range of rare and common diseases. Here he gained expertise in research and project management, intellectual property, and regulatory pathways. Paul’s experience in the rare disease field, during which he worked closely with patient groups and with clinicians, reinforced his desire to help translate academic research into real-world impact. He currently acts as the Healthcare Technology Portfolio Project and Development Manager for the Healthcare Technology Accelerator Facility, helping to drive a number of promising medical technologies towards translation, commercialisation and adoption. He enjoys running and reading, but has so far had limited success in combining the two.