• Name: Primmy Chikowore
  • Role: Research Administrator
  • Contact:

Primrose Panai Chikowore is the Senior Research Administrator whose role primarily revolves around keeping the genomic research portfolio running smoothly.

With an MBA from Heriot Watt and a background in Arts and Social Sciences, Primmy brings a unique blend of business acumen and research expertise to her role as Senior Research Administrator. Her extensive experience in research management, particularly in clinical trials, has honed my skills in governance and ethics, and is passionate about upholding the highest standards of research ethics. She is committed to fostering a positive research culture, ensuring scientific excellence, and supporting a collaborative environment. Her goal is to facilitate responsible and efficient research practices, allowing our researchers to excel in their work.

In simpler terms, Primmy manages various aspects of the day-to-day operations, which include handling emails, maintaining databases, and making sure we meet all the necessary rules and regulations. Think of her as the person who ensures that everything is organized, documented, and follows the ethical guidelines for research. She also provides support for GenOMICC and ISARIC4C as well as general assistance across the entire research program. Her job is essentially to make life easier for the researchers, so they can focus on their work while she handles the administrative aspects to keep everything on the right track.