• Name: Richard O'Connor
  • Role: Postdoctoral Research Fellow
  • Contact:

Rich is an immunologist interested in the regulation of T cell responses under conditions of chronic inflammation and the balance between effective immunity and inflammatory pathology.

His interest was kindled during a PhD at the University of Glasgow, studying the tropical disease lymphatic filariasis. It was subsequently strengthened during a fellowship, awarded by the National Multiple Sclerosis Society of America, undertaken at New York’s Trudeau Institute. At the UoE, he developed models to track the fate and function of auto-aggressive and regulatory T cell populations.

He now studies the interactions between stromal cells and T cells and within the wider team, contributes to efforts to characterise T cell sub-populations in the lung and develop assays and test probes to describe their functionality. Rich will be joing the PSH to lead the biology teams that will lead optimise genetic hits to tractable therapies.

Outside of work he enjoys playing the guitar, drawing and painting.